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UPDATE ... 23/03/2020


Once this covid-19 has passed we will be back to normal.


We have 7 lakes available for day ticket and session fishing. Each lake has its own parking within easy reach of the swims and all swims are 'all weather' - either built of Astroturf, stone or bark. Please contact the fishery for further information on any of our lakes.

The Lodge

Elphicks provides excellent facilities for its guests

The Fishery Lodge carries drinks, snacks and sweets as well as being well stocked with a range of the latest bait and terminal tackle including products from: Solar, Dynamite Baits, and many more.

Ladies, Gents and Disabled toilet facilities are provided within the Lodge building and are open from 7am daily until closing time. There is also a shower for our overnight guests (toiletries/towels are not provided). Portable toilets serve every lake out of hours for your convenience, these are professionally cleaned weekly.

Net dips and lots of refuse bins are provided on every lake - please use them!

The Lodge and several areas of the lakes have been designed with the disabled angler in mind. The building has a shallow access ramp, extra wide doors with no sills and a fully fitted disabled toilet. Several of the lakes have hard ramps and level all-weather swims to facilitate the use of wheel chairs.

(Please note: whilst every effort is made, not all areas of the lakes are wheelchair accessible.)

  • Latest Bait and Terminal Tackle
  • Drinks, Snacks and Sweets
  • Gift Vouchers Available
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Cash, Cheques and Major Credit and Debit Cards Accepted
    (minimum transaction values apply)
All Weather


Our aim is to provide sport for anglers of all ages and abilities. Anyone from the serious specimen hunter looking for a new personal best, to a family out for an afternoon's fun is provided for here at Elphicks and as such our lakes are set out to suit different requirements and abilities.
Opening Times

We are open all year, 7 days a week, until December 23rd; the fishery re-opens on January 2nd. We have no closed season.

Summer Opening Hours - 7.00am-7.00pm
Winter Opening Hours - 7.00am-5.30pm

Please note; we change our closing times in accordance with the start and end of British Summertime.

This is a secure, patrolled site with CCTV. The gates are locked every day, strictly at the above mentioned closing times. There is no access to the fishery between closing and opening times except in an emergency.


North lake is a 19 swim 6 acre specimen carp water open to adult only day ticket & session fisherman. A maximum of 10 anglers can fish at any one time. No visitors or Guests.

MINIMUM TACKLE REQUIREMENTS: 42" net, 42" unhooking mat, no sharing allowed. Pre-booking up to 6 weeks in advance for 24 hour plus weekend sessions on North Lake is advisable.

Adults (over 17) only, minimum tackle requirements apply.


Plantation is a 1.3 acre, 8 swim, specimen Carp Lake. We allow a maximum of 4 anglers 3 rods

Accompanied juniors may fish this lake but please bear in mind that the fishing is tough.

MINIMUM tackle requirements are a 42" net and 42" un-hooking mat per angler, no sharing


This is a 3 acre, 14 swim specimen carp water. Carp to 40lb+.  Day ticket and night fishing available. 3 Rods


This 1 1/2 acre 25 swim mixed fish water with good numbers of carp. We allow a maximum of 20 anglers a day and 6 overnight on Sandwich. Matches may also be booked on Sandwich,  please contact the Fishery for further information.


This lake is 2.5 acres has 30 swims and is stocked with Common, Mirror, Carp up to 30lb+, Tench up to 10lb and Perch


This 3 acre, 8 swim lake is for the serious specimen Carp hunter only. Lightly stocked with some truly beautiful fish to 50lb+. Pullens fish are not easy to come by, but when you do get stuck in they really fight.

We allow a maximum of 5 anglers on Pullens Lake at any one time. No visitors or guests.

West End

This 3 acre, 8 swim lake is again for the serious specimen Carp hunter. Lightly stocked with carp to 50lb+.

We allow a maximum of 5 anglers on West End at any one time.

No visitors or guests.

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